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  1. My Apple

From the album Balls 'n' Rice

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You were not my first love, that was in the past
You were not my second, that was just a thrill

You were my apple, that punched me in the eye
Give me some affection, that makes me simplify

You were my saviour, that never said goodbye
We will not be beat by, these bastards in disguise

R: (2x)
This is the worst night of my life, and I can see why I am here
Fire and the storm and the fakin’ of love brought the seawater in my eye
Why did you go my dear (my dear)
Why did you go my dear (my dear)
Why did you gooooo
Why did you gooooo

You were my angel
No wonder your up there
It must feel like home now
But I just want you here

Brug (instrumental)

R: (1x)


R: (2x)