From the album Balls 'n' Rice

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Waiting for my girl to arrive for the night
we agreed to have some drinks without a fight
Jumped up when the bell rang, she stood by the gate
and reminded me she looks kinda great

Don’t be stranger, come round once or twice
We’ll pop a chardonnay and make some balls and rice

After our polite hellos, we sat ourselves down
didn’t take long before we fooled around
I looked her in the eyes, whispered sweet words
we were back to being dreadful love birds


All is different now, the second time around
I’m amazed the love I’ve found

I said bonjour mon amour, to your delightful snore
she grunted and ran out the door
Hey that’s me take it lightly, take no offence at all
don’t bear life’s laughter to small

R x2